We are a people focused communications agency that specialises in PR and Consumer Profiling.
A secret weapon in this cluttered and competitive landscape.

Our consumer centric activity is designed to create positive brand connections with an audience.
Harnessing the power of the media & community (PR & Social), creating experiences (Brand engagement & Promotions),
or a combination, to deliver personal value to onlookers.

Our Services

Public Relations - Strategic Planning
Public Relations - Media Consumer Events
Public Relations - Editorial Creation
Public Relations - Media Relations
Public Relations - Business Profiling - Trade Media
Public Relations - Influences Programs
Public Relations - Audience Profiling
Public Relations - Social Media Management
Public Relations -Consumer Activations
Public Relations - Press Office Management
Public Relations - Staff Incentive Programs
Public Relations -Third Party Promotions

The Brands We Love Working With

Why Choose Free Publicity?

At Free Publicity we believe PR is about getting consumers to widen their eyes not roll them.
People know when they are being sold to and for us the joy of PR is having the consumers delight in the content they interact with. What a wonderful space to then unveil your branding message!
Not only are we obsessed with your communications program impacting your audience when, where and how they desire but that it integrates with the rest of your activity. PR should not be alone on a desert island working out by itself. It should be married to the rest of your efforts so you can be more effective for less!
In short, our campaigns put the consumer first to benefit you and integrates it to double the effect.
PR isn’t scary, in fact it’s your best friend who talks to you, surprises you, educates you and listens. Oh and it plays very well with others!!
Feel free to let us show you.
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