AllAboutYou-PublicRelations22bYou are looking for a team of people that can support you in promoting your business. Simple.

You may know exactly what you want  or you may need some guidance but either way you know you need a good team of genuine, trustworthy, talented people who are well connected and yet have the time to focus on just you.


  • You want a team of people who understand the internal pressures you face and can be an unwavering support.
  • You love your brand and you want people who genuinely love it to. Is that so much to ask? You wonder how you can find these people.
  • You want options. You want the opportunity to discuss where your brand can go without committing
  • You want a team that are constantly bringing new ideas  / opportunities on the table – with no pressure to commit. You love the idea that they are working away without being asked.

At Free Publicity, the clients we work with shape us personally and the work we do professionally.

We connect to their beliefs and our job is to bring out the best in them for the public to see. We look for clients we know we can benefit and those that put people first and foremost.

A good example of this is our oldest and newest clients. One literally brings entertainment to homes all over Australia, the other rescues children who have been sold as sex slaves.

We passionately stand beside all our clients and treat each world differently.

Big or small, complicated or simple – we develop individual programs to fit every single type of business you can think of.