Friday 13th Feels!

By March 12, 2015Blog

I’m not much of a cat person, but I couldn’t love this any more!

Mars Petcare has come up with a solution to finding out what your pets do with themselves when you’re not at home- a Whiskas Catstacam!

The device is designed to help cat owners see what their cats are up to by using motion-detector technology to take a photo every 20 seconds and upload it to a cat’s individual Instagram profile.

Their behaviour is then analysed and decoded by a Whiskas Cat Behaviour Expert using the hashtag #AskWhiskas. This is a great campaign that has gained some serious attention, giving people exactly what they’ve always wanted, a sneak peek into the daily activities of their cats!


This is a little something to give you warm and fuzzy feelings on a Friday!

Robert Downey Jr, Aka IRON MAN presented a 3D-printed, real-life bionic arm to a dapper little boy named Alex.

Here, he partnered with One Note’s #Collective Project and Albert Manero, a Fullbright scholar and mechanical engineer whose organization Limbitness Solutions helps provide 3D-printed prosthetics to people around the world.

Robert Downey Jr


The ever-charming star shared the news on his Facebook page- a post that has received over 331,000 likes in 7 hours. Take a look at the heart warming video below;

Continuing on with our Good Feeling Friday- we’ve found something that will give you that same feeling you get when you have bacon in the morning….KEVIN BACON that is.

The actor has participated in an ad on behalf of the American Egg Board, because what goes better with eggs than BACON?!

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