Welcome to our world. We are a “People Focused” communications agency specialising in PR and Consumer Profiling.
The agency was established in 2007 and has grown from an in-house department to an insightful PR agency that recognises it’s all about people, people, people.
Today, we still have the in-house attitude with a renewed energy to bring real value to consumers and clients.

 Our business is separated into two worlds –
they can work together or separately.

PR – People Relations

We are unapologetically obsessed with the nature of PR, so much so we have created a refreshing new take on this familiar communications stable – learn more about it here.

In summary it’s activity that is consumer centric – first and foremost. Our activity is designed to create positive brand connections with an audience. Harnessing the power of the media & community (PR & Social), creating experiences (Brand Engagement & Promotions), or a combination, to deliver personal value to your audience.

We are unique and inquisitive in our approach and we aim to influence buying decisions. Rooted in brand truths and insight, our campaigns must answer “YES” to all 4 markers to make it out the door…

    • TIMEWORTHY? – Is it worth the audience’s precious time?
    • NEWSWORTHY? – Are the media going to be interested?
    • BRANDWORTHY? –  Is it worthy of the brand AND have high recognition?
    • SALESWORTHY? – Will it increase buyer intent?


People Profiling

We will take you on a journey of discovery …  as we look at your customer  in real detail(often for the first time).

Part of our service is to map out your customers ‘DNA’, providing you with a national picture of your audience. We will build campaigns that reach this target group providing  you with  a return on investment even the accountants would be proud of… all without the heavy price tag of big agencies.

We use industry experts and a range of demographic profiling tools to progressively delve deeper into your customer and market profile by utilising extensive data collected from all recognised population data points.

This provides  you with a cost effective methodology to understand your customer base and improve ROI.

Using scientific decision making tools rather than small samples of history and everyone’s best guess we will map out your customers demographic profile, media preferences and lifestyle behaviors.