Three From Free 09/02/15

By February 8, 2015Blog

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! San Francisco Zoo has come up with a novel way to gain media interest with the perfect gift idea for scorned lovers – cockroaches! That’s right, broken hearts across the US can adopt a cockroach in the name of their ex with all proceeds going to conservation projects.

McDonald’s pulls another world first out of the hat! Have you ever wanted more of that delectable Big Mac sauce? Well for the month of February, you can buy one of 600 25ml tubs available throughout Australia only!! In addition, they’re auctioning the first limited edition 500ml bottle of sauce on Ebay to raise money for Ronald McDonald House charity. A great driver for consumers and something i’m sure everyone will want a piece of.

Take a look here:


Leading on from the campaign’s success in the US, Uber Australia teamed up with cat shelters in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Geelong and the Gold Coast to deliver kittens for 15 minutes of cuddle time to feline starved Australians. All the money ($40 per kitten visit!!) was donated to the shelter involved in each city. Something out of the box and very successful, the campaign received great pick up all around Australia + it’s so much fun!


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