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Is it un-Presidential to pose with a selfie-stick? To shoot hoops into an imaginable basket in the White House? President Obama posed these questions and more in this newly released video ‘Things that everybody does but doesn’t talk about’ via Buzzfeed.

The video is produced to drive subscriptions in healthcare plans before the end of an open enrolment period in the United States. It’s a great tactic for engaging a younger audience- the key demographic!   The video had over 1.6 million views in the first hour alone! Great to see the President engaging with his audience!

Great content idea from Ford capitalising on Valentine’s Day to help push their new Ford Mustang!

Ford recruited a professional female driver to take several unsuspecting men on blind dates at a coffee shop in Dallas, Texas, before offering them a lift home in her 2015 Mustang GT. Mustang Speed Dating combines a beautiful blonde stunt driver,  an American muscle car and speeds of 195km an hour.

Really talks to the target audience and showcases the capabilities of the new GT model.

Who will inherit your Facebook account? It seems a little morbid to think about, but the world’s biggest online social network rolled out a new feature that allows people to allocate a contact as their ‘legacy contact’ to manage parts of their account after they pass on.

Previous features saw accounts ‘memorialized’ after someone has passed, so that no one could login and make any changes. Now, the allocated ‘legacy contact’ can update the profile and header image on the account, as well as respond to friend requests and download an archive of existing photos and posts from the page for family and friends to have as memories! Make sure you choose wisely!

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