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I can’t begin to describe how happy this makes me!  Some unsuspecting shoppers in a Long Island Mall found themselves being shadowed by Disney’s finest to promote the new Disney Slides Campaign.

The concept saw an array of Disney characters from Mickey and Minnie to Buzz Lightyear surprise and mirror shoppers- much to their delight! The video has received over 25 million views on the Mickey Mouse Facebook page alone- so simple, yet so effective!


Quite possibly the greatest day on earth! Wednesday was WORLD PANCAKE DAY and it saw a number of great brands jump on the back with pancake themed posts to celebrate. Samsung managed to outshine it’s competitors by making ‘Pancake Portraits’ of it’s twitter followers and celebrities!

To enter, they encouraged their followers to submit a photo of themselves via twitter to see it be re-created….AS A PANCAKE!

The lucky winners were re-created in pancake form and were tweeted out by Samsung for everyone to see, take a look as some of the best below;

 Australia is in the midst of a major political struggle, with the Liberal Party experiencing anything but calm waters over the last few weeks. Perhaps in an effort to remove herself from the drama, Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop took part in the world’s first ‘political emoji interview’ via Buzzfeed. The minister, who has proven time and time again that she does not shy away from social engagement, took part in the interview conducted via iOS-based iMessage. Answering a broad range of questions, she responded using no words, only imaged based emojis. A great way to seem relevant and engage a younger demographic! Take a look below;

Julie Bishop 1

Julie Bishop 2

Julie Bishop 3






Julie Bishop 4Julie Bishop 5

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