Three From Free 27/02/15

By February 26, 2015Blog

Bring meeeee the pizza! Dominoes have used pioneering science from the 60s to create the world’s first ‘Tummy Translator’ app, which aims to revolutionize the way people order pizza by translating tummy rumbles into corresponding ingredients. Such a playful way to give the consumer another way to choose from the millions of choices that Dominoe’s offers! Take a look below;

Leading on from our post last week about Julie Bishop’s emoji interview with Buzzfeed (you can find it here) – she’s gone and done it again! Appearing on Channel 9’s Today Show she was asked about her thoughts on the request from Govenor-General Peter Cosgrove for a $2,000 Thermomix for his kitchen. Her response? nothing short of perfect! Find it around the 1 minute mark!

The power of a hashtag!! This week was all about the Oscar buzz! However this year, instead of the sole focus being on the dresses being worn, famous women of Hollywood such as Reese Witherspoon and Lupita Nyong’o encouraged twitter users to communicate with them via the hashtag #AskHerMore. The campaign was started by The Representation project in an effort to encourage social users to value the accomplishments of women in Hollywood and ignite deeper conversations in front of the world audience. The hashtag saw Twitter explode with thousands of people asking celebrities great questions about their work!

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