Three From Free 01/12/14

By November 30, 2014Blog

Great unique in restaurant experience. A very loose tie in but who cares it’s fun and great vision. I’m wondering if any of the diners were on first dates. Nice one!- Ness

Ok Go! A US Alt-rock band has created a brand of music video’s that transend their music. Their latest creation racked up more than 2.7 million youtube hits in 24 hours. Shot in one continuous shoot, this creation took 60-70 takes to get right. The band is an inspiration for creating out of the box content that engages the consumer and in this case, speaks for itself- Hannah

 gin2 ginventcalendar


 This is my sort of advent calendar (actually more of a Jack Daniels man myself), it’s a Ginvent calendar! Behind each of the 24 windows lies a different 3cl sample of fantastic gin. Get in quick you get to open window 1 today! – James

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