It’s simple. PR is storytelling.

This is what our industry does each and every day. As PR professionals we work closely with you to find the key elements about your brand that will be the bases of your campaign – often elements that you may not find interesting. We develop them, present to Journalists and consumers and manage so they create word of mouth and ultimately increase your awareness. We create the story, pitch the story, track the story, clip the story and present the story back to you with value and impact scores.

Storytelling is a powerful and effective way to open up authentic communications with your audience. You yourself know as a consumer – you want to be entertained or educated not sold to. And hence what the main difference between PR and Advertising is. Some businesses believe that PR and advertising perform the same function for their business and if they do advertising they don’t need PR, and vice versa. But as the above outlines PR is very different to Advertising.

Advertising is creating paid announcements to be promoted through different types of media including online, print, TV, out-of-home and radio. PR, on the other hand, is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between brands and the consumers. PR coverage is a lot more impactful than straight advertising/branding. Because PR usually involves having the media cover a story, these stories can live on long past the immediate impact of advertising. Consumers are more open to the messages, more engaged and interacting with the media (67% of consumers trust editorial over other forms of advertising (42%)*).

What is our PR?

We call it People Relations – a twist on the familiar Public Relations or Consumer PR models.

People Relations is when we unify value driven PR with insight gained from our unique customer profiling program. A targeted, authentic and intimate communication with your audience that truly brings them value, motivates them around your brand and impacts their buying decisions.

You want your audience interested, engaged and furiously curious about your brand. Putting their joy, their education, their time first and foremost means you are creating an incredible conversation with your audience (not to mention influencing their buying decisions in the process).

It’s simple (and beautiful) when you think of it. Putting people first. This is People Relations.

 *statistics from the Neilsen global survey ‘Under the influence: Consumer trust in advertising’